[Article] Threats of the Internet of Things in a Techno-Regulated Society – A New Legal Challenge of the Information Revolution

Introduction Technology has been rapidly changing the way we interact with the world around us. Companies, aiming to meet new consumer demands, are developing products with technological interfaces that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. Automated systems turn on lights and warm meals as you leave your work, intelligent bracelets and insoles share with … Read more


Besieged public sphere Eduardo Magrani

The combination of digital technology and the Internet infrastructure resulted in a medium with huge democratic potential. Adding up new architectural features, the Internet enables multidirectional communication, instant response, expanded possibilities of discourse and debate. Nevertheless, such potential can considerably diminish, depending on how technology layers on top of the infrastructure are built, permitting more … Read more

Digital natives & Policy making: Thoughts on participation

Digital Natives Eduardo Magrani

In the digital world, different types of digital devices have become vital tools to register events and news. However, more importantly, they are being used by digital natives to share information about their world, their personal lives, and also to foster participation around public interest issues. In the later, technologies are used to transform a … Read more